Pressure/Flow: LME – 25 pascal digital analog sensor

The differential pressure sensors of the LME series are based on micro-flow technology and can detect low pressures in the range of 25 Pa for flow measurement of air and gases. The sensors have a flow channel integrated into the silicon, have a high long-term stability and are also suitable for manifold mounting with [...]

SM9D – uncalibrated and uncompensated low pressure sensor

Why should you consider an uncalibrated and not amplified sensor when everybody is looking for accuracy and digital output? Well to avoid any disturbing noice, keep the power supply low and because you are an expert and you can handle your calibration of the SM9D . These low pressure sensors are available for pressure [...]

Meet AMSYS at the electronica show in Munich in November 2022

After 2 years of pandemic, electronica the world’s leading trade fair for electronics is back. Come to meet AMSYS in November 15-18, 2022 in Munich, Germany. We will show you the newest pressure, humidity and temperature sensors at booth 440 in hall B3. As an expert for pressure sensors from TE Connectivity, Analog Microelectronics, [...]

PTouch – Pressure Switch with Touchscreen and IO-link

These pressure switches control fluids and gases under pressures up to 600 bar. Easily operated via touchscreen, they offer two independently adjustable electrical switching outputs up to 200 mA and an IO-Link interface. P.Touch pressure switches work like relative pressure sensors and are available for pressure ranges from 0 to 10, 16, 25, 40, [...]

Media resistant differential pressure sensor ME800

This corrosion-resistant pressure sensors  can measure the differential pressure of two aggressive media in both directions for under and overpressure. The ceramic differential pressure sensor ME800 is a very robust differential OEM sensor for wet-wet applications for pressures between 2 and 16 bar with various electrical outputs. differential pressure sensor ME800 [...]

The smallest wireless differential pressure sensor AMS 4516

The new AMS 4516 series are 2,5x3,5x1,9 cm small wireless Bluetooth 4.2 differential pressure sensors with pressure ranges between ±500 Pa and ±100 kPa. The batteryrun sensors are calibrated, linarized and compensated with accuracy from 0,7 %FS. Samplingrate for the sensor's datacan be optimized via the App starting at 100 ms. Gateway and desktop [...]

IAQ participant with AMSYS

The IAQ-program at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern stands for Ingenieurwissenschaftliche Abschlussorientierte Qualifizierung, helping  non-German engineers and academics to familiarize with German working philosophy in order to integrate the local labour market. Since May 2020 PhD engineer Walid Sher Hussain, participant in the IAQ-program works with AMSYS in Mainz and speaks about his experience: [...]

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