Sensors for vacuum measurement work according to various principles and can therefore cover a number of different vacuum ranges. Industrial sensors measure down to a few millibar and thus cater for the vacuum range of mechanical pumps. AMSYS sensors are applied in various fields here.

  • Suction grippers/lifters
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Vacuum devices


Suction grippers/lifters

Suction systems are devices which can attract or lift objects by exploiting the difference between the external pressure and negative pressure (vacuum) on the surface of an object. In doing so, the ambient pressure externally presses the object against the negative pressure opening.

Vacuum chambers

In vacuum chambers which are used for medical or training purposes, for example, the pressure can be lowered to 0.5 mbar (20 km above sea level). This enables the effects of altitude to be studied or physiological experiments to be performed.

  • As the absolute pressure sensors supplied by AMSYS can measure up to the interior vacuum of the sensing element (< 5 mbar), which is calibrated to an initial value of 0 mbar, they are suitable for applications such as these.

Vacuum devices  

Vacuum devices are finding increasing application in the food industry, hospitality, butcher’s and food retail trades and now even in the household. Using a small pump air is sucked out of a plastic bag containing food and the bag then hermetically sealed. With the oxygen extracted the food has a longer shelf life and can be stored more hygienically.