With the Internet of Things (IoT) starting to become established in private homes, sensors are crucial as they provide the information which facilitates this revolution. They are distributed throughout a multitude of mobile devices, white goods and other consumer items and help to improve our quality of life. Sensors are used for the purposes of direct pressure measurement, level sensing and flowmetering.

Possible areas of applications in the home include, for instance:

  • Extractor hoods
  • Washing machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Refrigerators
  • Air filters
  • Vacuum cleaners


Extractor hoods

For discerning consumers odors are minimized during cooking by a fan installed in an oven hood to extract kitchen vapors. Proper ventilation is governed by the speed of the fan, the cleanliness of the filter and the ambient conditions. Low pressure sensors can be integrated in the hood for efficient performance. These sensors help to determine the correct fan speed to ensure an effective negative pressure over the stove and monitor the filter.

Coffee machines

Coffee machines use pressure to control the brewing process and rinse out the tubes once the coffee has been fully dispensed. The sensors which control the pump’s motor speed must be small and resistant to humidity and liquid. AMSYS supplies a range of small, precise pressure sensors which with their Underside pressurization* technology are suitable for this type of application.

Espresso machines

Espresso machines need an exact pressure and temperature to make the perfect cup of espresso. These pressures can be fairly high, with high temperatures and levels of humidity calling for a robust sensor.


Refrigerators have been in use for decades to aid the preservation of food at a low temperature. The latest innovation for this type of household appliance is the vacuum-sealed drawer which helps to further improve the shelf lives of foodstuffs.

Air filters

For people who live in a metropolis frequent fluctuations in air quality can cause respiratory and lung problems and even long-term physical damage. Air filters use fine filters to improve the air quality by extracting superfine dust and other impurities in both personal air filtration devices and spatial filters. However, in time the filter can become soiled, meaning that it no longer functions efficiently. AMSYS is specialized in ultralow pressure sensors which record the effectiveness of the filter and inform the consumer as to when the filter must be replaced or cleaned.

Vacuum cleaners 

Pressure sensors are used for a number of functions to improve the efficiency and user friendliness of vacuum cleaners. These functions include recognizing the type of flooring to optimize the nozzle height and brush speed, monitoring filter cleanliness for filter changes and indicating when the vacuum cleaner bag is full.