OEM humidity sensor for PCB mounting

The AMSYS humidity sensors work according to the capacitive measuring principle. This is based on the fact that two miniaturized electrodes form an electrical capacitor. The change in capacitance is caused by the absorption and resorption of the humid-sensitive dielectric located between the electrodes.

AMSYS offers miniaturized humidity sensors that have both analog and digital (I²C) outputs.

All humidity sensors, except for the HS1101, can measure the temperature as well as the humidity (double function). In the case of the MS8607, the ambient pressure can also be recorded (triple function).

A distinction is made between OEM sensors as pure components and sensors that are applied on PCBs and that are housed.

Aufbau Feuchtesensor by AMSYS

OEM humidity sensor with analog humidity output

OM-Feuchtigkeitssensor analog

typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)sensitivity (pF/% RH)error ( %RH)output
HS1101-LF0-100%-60..+1400,31+2  pF

Compensated OEM humidity sensors with digital / analog humidity and temperature output


typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (% RH)output
HTU20D*0-100%-40..+1258/12 bits+3  digital (I2C)


typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
HTU20P*0-100%-40..+125 10/12 bits+3   PWM

typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
HTU21D*0-100%-40..+1258/12 bits+2  digital (I2C)

typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
HTU21P*0-100%-40..+125 10/12 bits+2   PWM

typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
HTU31D*0-100%-40..+1258/12 bits+2  digital (I2C)

typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
HTU31V*0-100%-40..+125 10/12 bits+2   PWM

* The HTU series sensors are also available with a PTFE filter membrane (F) as an option to protect against dust, liquids and contamination.

OEM humidity sensor with digital humidity and temperature output on PCB

Feuchtigkeitssensor PHTU21P

typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
PHTU21D0-100%-40..+125 8/12 bits+2  digital (I2C)

Humidity sensors with digital / analogue humidity and temperature output on PCB and housed


typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)resolution (RH/T)error (%RH)output
HTU38350-100%-40..+8512/14 bits+2  digital (I2C)
typehumidity rangetemperature (°C)sensitivity (mV/%RH)error (%RH)output
HTU3535 0-100%-40..+85 16+2  V

Compensated triple sensor with digital pressure, humidity and temperature output

MS8706 Tripelsensor: Feuchte, Temperatur und Druck

typehumidity rangepressure rangetemp.(°C)resolution (RH/T/P)error (% RH/ °C/ mbar)output
MS8607-02BA010-100%10-2000 mbar-40..+850,04/0,01/0,016 ±3/±1/±2  digital (I2C)