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10 things about in vivo sensor technology

Catheter pressure sensors measure the pressure of body fluids directly in the body. By eliminating the need for a buffering interface, the IntraSense allows fast response time and accurate measurement results, which can be crucial during surgical intervention.

For the handling of this extremely small sensor and the evaluation of its measurement results, you will find 10 tips for applications in medical technology hereafter.

FAQ about IntraSense

Pressure transmitter AMS 4710 – in a robust plastic housing for filter control and medical applications

In a IP67 plastic package the space-saving and versatile analog pressure transmitters of the AMS 4710 series  perfectly fit for industrial, medical and filter control applications. These ready-to-use sensors measure differential pressure starting from 0-500 Pa, are one side mediaresistant and come with a voltage-based output signal of 0 V … 10 V.

SM9D – uncalibrated and uncompensated low pressure sensor

Why should you consider an uncalibrated and not amplified sensor when everybody is looking for accuracy and digital output?

Well to avoid any disturbing noice, keep the power supply low and because you are an expert and you can handle your calibration of the SM9D .

These low pressure sensors are available for pressure ranges starting at 0.15 PSI.

low pressure sensor SM9D

Innovative sensor technology

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company based in Germany and has been focusing on sensor technology since its founding.

The range of AMSYS pressure sensors extends from wafer level silicon sensors to simple SMD-mountable sensors and compensated dual-in-line sensors to packaged, ready-to-use pressure transmitters.

In addition to pressure sensors and inclinometers, AMSYS offers miniaturized OEM sensors for humidity and temperature measurement.


We are a member of the AMA – Association for Sensor Technology

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