Common to all mobile devices is the demand for a low power consumption coupled with constant sensor specifications with no downscaling. AMSYS markets high-precision pressure and temperature sensors with various resolutions which are suitable for measuring altitude, for instance. Thanks to their small size and low current consumption these sensors and measurement modules are ideal for installation in mobile devices.

Possible areas of application include:

  • Mobile and battery-operated stationary altimeters
  • GPS receivers and personal tracking devices
  • Smart clothing


Mobile and battery-operated stationary altimeters

Mobile and battery-operated stationary altimeters are used in many fields. Whether in weather stations without a connection to the mains or in mobile altimeters a power-saving, barometric sensor is always used which can convert the measured pressure into altitude (measurement position) by applying the barometric formula. Information on atmospheric pressure is even featured as a means of indicating the weather on smartphones and requires the use of a power-saving, barometric sensor.

GPS receivers and personal tracking devices

Thanks to the increase in the resolution of absolute pressure sensors (< 2 mbar) exact position measurement based on barometric pressure is now possible. Differences in altitude of < 20 cm can be detected with the best barometric sensors. These sensors can also support outdoor navigation where precise navigation is required, for example with dead reckoning in GSP systems.

Smart clothing

The increasing popularity of smart devices has given rise to the demand for smart clothing where not only medical  data (such as blood pressure) is collected but also information on the various influencing parameters.  These include temperature, humidity and the ambient pressure. AMSYS’ digital, calibrated, barometric pressure sensors are suitable for such applications as they can measure the pressure and thus the position and ambient temperature. Some of them have been miniaturized to such an extent that they can be inconspicuously sewn into the appropriate clothing.