Under Accessory additional products are offered for the sensors which are required for sensor evaluation, operation and assembly. These include starter kits/evaluation boards, caps for pressure sensor modules, housing and cables.

Starter kits and evaluation boards

What do I need a starter kit for?

Together with a standard Windows PC with a USB port the USB starter kit enables quick and easy initial operation of a pressure sensor with an I²C interface. This setup allows the operability of the sensor to be quickly checked. The current digital pressure and temperature values can also be read out and visualized in this way.

The type-specific starter kit also enables the relevant sensor to be programmed with a different individual I²C address. This is necessary where several pressure sensors in the same series are to be operated on an I²C bus.  Using the USB starter kit can drastically reduce the time required to develop a prototype.

What are demonstration kits and sample boards?

The demo evaluation kit comprises a software and a hardware component and is a simple and inexpensive testing and measurement setup which permits pressure sensors in the MS5XX series, for instance, to be quickly evaluated.

The same applies to sample boards. Sample boards are either simply plugged into the USB kit plug-in connector  or, like the sample board for the PMS8607, consist of a circuit board with a four-pole pin connector, upon which the MS8607 triple sensor is mounted. With the help of a microprocessor and suitable software the barometric pressure, humidity and temperature can be calculated using the connector and the relevant socket connector.

Test socket SOIC pressure sensor

Test socket for SOIC pressure sensor

Caps for pressure sensor modules

Housings and cables