Low pressure sensor SM9235 for differential and relative pressure

These differential pressure sensors for extremely low pressures of up to 3 mbar are used in medical technology and filter control. OEM pressure sensor SM9235 comes in a SOIC 16 housing and has a digital I2C output signal and an optional 3.3-V or 5-V supply. The AMSYS sensor is calibrated and compensated for and its accuracy [...]

SM9D – uncalibrated and uncompensated low pressure sensor

Why should you consider an uncalibrated and not amplified sensor when everybody is looking for accuracy and digital output? Well to avoid any disturbing noice, keep the power supply low and because you are an expert and you can handle your calibration of the SM9D . These low pressure sensors are available for pressure [...]

Bidirectional SOIC-differential pressure sensor SM9333

Here comes the tiny SM9333, a digital (I²C) pressure and temperature sensor with impressive performance features in the lowest pressure range of ± 125 Pa. All pressure sensors are individually linearized, calibrated and temperature compensated. These sensors can be used in various medical devices and also fit for HVAC applications. Pressure sensor SM9333

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