SM5G uncompensated relative pressure sensor by AMSYS

SM5G uncompensated relative pressure sensor

The SM5G is a differential and relative pressure sensor that is neither compensated nor amplified. It has the properties of the measuring cell and outputs the differential bridge voltage in mV.

The uncompensated SM5G is offered in a standard SOIC-8 package with a vertical pressure port for SMD mounting. The output signal is a pressure proportional mV signal. The SM5G is reflow-capable and suitable for automated mounting on PCB.

Variants of the SM5G

The sensor is available as a relative pressure sensor for the pressure ranges 0 – 5 psi and 0 – 15 psi and on demand for up to 30 and 80 psi.

Link to the pressure converter


  • Relative pressure ranges 0 – 5 psi and 0 – 15 psi
  • Temperature range -40°C – 125°C
  • Supply voltage: 0 – 10 V
  • Uncompensated mV output signal
  • Sensitivity: 24 mV/psi; 8 mV/psi
  • SOIC-8 package for SMD mounting
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Gas flows
  • Airflow control
  • Fan control

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