The AMSYS white papers explain some basic concepts of pressure sensors, such as pressure types and design forms and stages of the pressure sensors. Concrete examples of the use of pressure and humidity sensors can be found in the application notes.

The various versions of pressure sensors – from the silicon sensing element to the pressure transmitter

In pressure sensing technology a wide range of products, from the silicon sensing element to the pressure transmitter, are sold under the general term “sensor”. This article deals with the various types of sensors and what the user should look out for.

How to measure absolute pressure using piezoresistive sensing elements

In sensor technology several different methods are used to measure pressure. We usually differentiate between the measurement of relative, differential and absolute pressure. This article explains what you should know about measuring absolute pressure using piezoresistive pressure sensing elements.

How to measure differential pressure using piezoresistive sensing elements

In pressure sensor technology several terms have come into use that describe various physical methods of measurement. These include absolute pressure, relative pressure, and differential pressure measurements. Many users are not aware of the fact that several different things are understood by “differential pressure sensing”. This article aims to explain these terms, using piezoresistive sensors as examples.