SM1291/SM1391/SM1491 analog-digital pressure sensor by AMSYS

SM1291/SM1391/SM1491 analog-digital pressure sensor

SM1291 / SM1391 / SM1491

The SOIC pressure sensors in the SM1X91 series are analog/digital OEM sensors* with a new silicon sensing element and modern electronic signal conditioning unit. The integrated digital signal processor permits calibration and temperature compensation during production.

The fully calibrated SM1291/SM1391/SM1491 sensors are supplied in a standard SOIC16 package with two vertical pressure connectors for SMD assembly. Pressure-proportional information in I2C format or as an analog 0.5 – 4.5 V voltage signal acts as an output signal. SM1291/SM1391/SM1491 are autonomous sensors which do not require any additional circuitry.

SM1291/SM1391/SM1491 are suitable for reflow soldering and automatic assembly on a PCB.

The sensor is available in a relative SM1291 or differential SM1391 sensor version or as asymmetrical, bidirectional, differential pressure sensor SM1491.

Variants of SM1291/SM1391/SM1491

SM1291 relative pressure ranges: 0–15 psi

SM1391 differential pressure ranges:
± 15 psi (the absolute values of P1 and P2 must be identical. Please see the datasheet.)

SM1491 bidirectional, asymmetrical pressure ranges:
P1: -15 – 0 and P2: 0 – 15 psi  (the absolute values of P1 and P2 may differ from one another. The difference between P1 and P2 must be greater than 15 psi, however. Please see the datasheet.)

Link to the pressure converter

AMSYS provides the SOIC sensors in the SM1X91 series as standard versions. The following specifications thereof can be customized, however.


  • Compensated temperature range: -40–105°C
  • Relative, differential and asymmetrical, bidirectional pressure: ±15 psi
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 V/5 V
  • Calibrated digital output signal in I²C format
  • Calibrated analog voltage signal
  • Resolution of 14 bits
  • Accuracy: ±1% FS digital, ±1.5% analog
  • Digital ASIC signal processor
  • SOIC16 package for SMD assembly
  • ISO & ISO/TS certified
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Fan control
  • Gas flows
  • Airstream measurement

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