SM7291 / SM7391 / SM7491 analog-digital pressure sensor by AMSYS

SM7291 / SM7391 / SM7491 analog-digital very low pressure sensor

SM7291 / SM7391 / SM7491

The SOIC pressure sensors in the SM7X91 series are analog/digital OEM sensors* with a new silicon sensing element and modern electronic signal conditioning unit. The integrated digital signal processor permits calibration and temperature compensation during production.

The fully calibrated SM7291/SM7391/SM7491 sensors are supplied in a standard SOIC16 package with two vertical pressure connectors for SMD assembly. Pressure-proportional information in I2C format or as an analog 0.5 – 4.5 V voltage signal acts as an output signal. SM7291/SM7391/SM7491 are autonomous sensors which do not require any additional circuitry.

These SOIC pressure sensors are suitable for reflow soldering and automatic assembly on a PCB.

The sensor is available in a relative SM7291 or differential SM7391 sensor version or as asymmetrical, bidirectional, differential pressure sensor SM7491.

Variants of SM7291/SM7391/SM7491

SM7291 relative pressure ranges: 0 – 0.07 / 0.29 psi

SM7391 differential pressure ranges:
P1: -0,29 – -0,07 psi and P2: 0,07 – 0,29 psi (the absolute values of P1 and P2 must be identical. Please see the datasheet.)

SM7491 bidirectional, asymmetrical pressure ranges:
P1: -0.29 – 0 and P2: 0 – 0.29 psi

Link to the pressure converter

AMSYS provides the SOIC sensors in the SM7X91 series as standard versions. The following specifications thereof can be customized, however.


  • Relative, differential and asymmetrical, bidirectional pressure: ±0.29 psi
  • Compensated temperature range: -40–105°C
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 V/5 V
  • Calibrated digital output signal in I²C format
  • Calibrated analog voltage signal
  • Resolution of 16 bits
  • Accuracy: ±1% FS digital, ±1.5% analog
  • Digital ASIC signal processor
  • SOIC16 package for SMD assembly
  • ISO & ISO/TS certified
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Respiratory control
  • Devices for negative pressure wound therapy
  • HVAC
  • Fan control
  • Gas flows
  • Airstream measurement

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