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ME501 ceramic pressure cell

The flush-mounted ME501 pressure measuring cells for pressure ranges between 0 and 50 bar and the ME505 for the higher pressure ranges for absolute and relative pressures between 0.5 and 800 bar operate according to the piezoresistive principle. The sensor element is made of ceramic aluminum oxide Al2O. This material is inherently mechanically resilient and has excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for harsh environments. A protective Teflon, glass or parylene coating is also available.

The measuring cell has a high media resistance* and can be exposed directly to the medium to be measured without additional protection. With a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 135°C, the ME50X is ideal for harsh environments.

The Wheatstone bridge is screen printed on one side of the flush ceramic diaphragm which is, in turn, glued to the sensor’s body. The bridge faces the inside where a cavity is made and the diaphragm’s opposite side can therefore be exposed directly to the medium to be measured.


The unamplified measuring cell is suitable for absolute pressure, sealed gage and relative pressure measurement* for ranges from 0 … 0.5 bar to 0 … 50 bar for the ME501 and for ranges from 0 … 100 bar and 0 … 800 bar for the ME505. All types are fully vacuum-compatible for negative pressure. A higher sensitivity, as well as a lower thermal offset, different pin and cable connections and protective coatings are further variants, which are explained in detail in the data sheet.

Overview of variants by pressure type

TypePressure rangeSize (mm)Sensitivity (mV/V)Linearity (%FS)
ME501-0p5 -/R/-0-0,5 barØ 18 x 6,151,4-2,4±0,4
ME501-001 A/R/S0-1 barØ 18 x 6,172,0-3,6±0,3
ME501-002 A/R/S0-2 barØ 18 x 6,232,0-3,5±0,3
ME501-005 A/R/S0-5 barØ 18 x 6,302,3-4,0±0,2
ME501-010 A/R/S0-10 barØ 18 x 6,353,1-5,5±0,2
ME501-020 A/R/S0-20 barØ 18 x 6,552,4-4,0±0,2
ME501-050 A/R/S0-50 barØ 18 x 6,704,0-6,0±0,2
ME505-100 -/-/S0-100 barØ 18 x 6,703,0-4,8±0,2
ME505-200 -/-/S0-200 barØ 18 x 7,052,5-3,9±0,4
ME505-400 -/-/S0-400 barØ 18 x 7,323,1-4,8±0,5
ME505-600 -/-/S0-600 barØ 18 x 7,553,1-4,8±0,5
ME505-800 -/-/S0-800 barØ 18 x 8,052,0-3,5±0,5

A/R/S are pressure types and stand for: Absolute, Relative or Sealed


  • Dimensions: 18 mm outer diameter x 4 mm
  • Relative pressure range: 0 … 0.5 bar to 0 … 50 bar
  • Absolute pressure range: 0 … 1 bar to 0 … 50 bar
  • Sealed gage pressure range: 0 … 1 bar to 0 … 800 bar
  • Vacuum capacity: – 1 bar
  • Temperature range: -40 … 135°C
  • Supply voltage: 2 … 30 V
  • Burst pressure: 2 to 1250 bar
  • Full Wheatstone bridge with 4-pole contacts
  • Al2O3 body ensures maximum physical and chemical resistance


  • Automation
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical devices
  • Miniature hydraulics
  • Pneumatic valves

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