Miniatur ceramic pressure cell ME910 Front and back view

ME910 monolithic pressure cells for gauge pressures up to 100 bar, work following the piezoresistive principle. This sensing element is made of Ceramic Alumina Al2O. This material is naturally mechanically resilient and has an excellent chemical resistance, suitable for harsh environments.

The measuring cell has a high media resistance* and can be exposed directly to the medium to be measured without additional protection. With its large operating temperature range from -40 .. 125°C the ME910 is ideally suited for tough environments. Thanks to the reinforced outer area of the monolithic structure, the pressure cell can be mounted directly in a plastic or metallic case by using an o-ring. Because of its reduced size of just 9 mm in diameter the cell can be inserted in pipes and many other devices.

Pin termination on two lines allow an easy and more stable mounting on a PCB. ME910 cells are designed for high reliability despite occurring temperature changes and pressure overloads. ME910 ceramic pressure cells ensure optimal linearity across the entire range of measurement and minimize effects of hysteresis.


The unamplified measuring cell is designed for relative pressure measurement* for the ranges of 0 .. 10 bar, 0 .. 20 bar, 0 .. 50 bar and 0 .. 100 bar. All types are fully vacuum capable for underpressure. Depending on the pressure range the sensitivity varies between 1 and 5 mV/V.

  • ME910-010
  • ME910-020
  • ME910-050
  • ME910-100


  • Dimensions: 9mm OD x 4mm
  • Gauge Pressure range: 0 .. 10 bar, 0 .. 20 bar, 0 .. 50 bar and 0 .. 100 bar
  • Underpressure capacity: -1 bar
  • Temperature range: -40 .. 125°C
  • Supply voltage: 2 .. 30 V
  • Burst pressure: 40 to 180 bar
  • Full Wheatstone bridge with 4 pin contacts
  • Al2O3-body ensures highest physical and chemical resistance


  • Automatisation
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical equipment
  • Miniature hydraulics
  • Pneumatic valves

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