DPH100 - pressure sensor for pressure switch DPC100 by AMSYS

DPH100 – pressure sensor for pressure switch DPC100

The external pressure sensors Panasonic DPH-100 for air pressure measurement are used everywhere in the industrial gas control, where for reasons of space no pressure switch from Panasonic DP series can be installed or where its connection via pressure hoses causes disadvantages.

In large or difficult to access machines, the pressure hoses often have to be designed long, which reduces the possible clock rate, since the transmission medium air limits the speed of measurements. Short pressure hoses increase accuracy and the flexible cable is also used on moving machine parts. DPH-100 sensors can be equipped with up to 10 m long cables. The power supply of 12 .. 24 VDC is carried out via the pressure controller DPC-100.

If space is at a premium, Panasonic’s pressure sensors can be packed tightly thanks to their width of just 1 cm. Installation with a single, central allen screw instead of the usual carriage bolts, assembly in narrow gaps and cracks is no problem. The pressure detection takes place via a lightweight (6g or 10g) sensor head, which is attached via an allen. The data evaluation then takes place in the control unit DPC100. There threshold value function, hysteresis mode, window comparator mode and other evaluation options can be set directly via the display.

The pressure sensors are very easy to install and can also be mounted in a row using a simple allen key.

The sensors for measuring the relative pressure are available in the following three variants:

DPH-101: Combined type, -1 .. 1 bar, overpressure resistant up to 5 bar

DPH-102: Overpressure, 0 .. 10 bar, overpressure resistant up to 15 bar

DPH-103: Negative pressure, -1 .. 0 bar, overpressure resistant up to 5 bar


  • Relative pressure sensor, calibrated and compensated
  • Adjustable functions via display DPC-100
  • Easy installation
  • Three pressure ranges available:
    • -1 .. 1 bar
    • 0 .. 10 bar
    • -1 .. 0 bar
  • Operating temperature: 0 .. 50 ° C
  • Humidity: 35 .. 85 %RH
  • Supply voltage: 12 .. 24 VDC (via DPC-100)
  • Current consumption below 15 mA
  • Cable length up to 10 m
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Electrical, electronic, semiconductor and automatic assembly industry
  • Biomedical industry (laboratory automation)
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Vacuum control
  • Leakage check
  • Suction lift
  • Processing industry
  • Packaging machines
  • Pneumatic Applications
  • Bottling

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