Customized pressure sensors

In addition to the distribution products, AMSYS also offers pressure sensors that can be adapted to customer requirements. This allows to create optimized solutions. These services include the modification of existing sensors and the complete redesign of pressure sensors.

Variationen des Drucksensors AMS 6915 by AMSYS

Modifications of existing AMSYS sensors

AMSYS can modify all pressure sensors starting with the name AMS (for example AMS4712, AMS5812, etc.) according to the customer’s request in the following points:

  • Change of output signals – analogue: voltage and current; digital: I²C, SPI and PWM
  • Current consumption
  • Pressure calibration to individual values
  • Application-dependent temperature compensation
  • Signal inversion (underside pressurization)
  • Shape of the housing
  • Configuration of the connections

New developments of pressure sensors

AMSYS offers the development of customer-specific pressure sensors in various stages of development (from OEM products via PCB modules to ready-to-use sensors). New developments can be realized on the basis of piezoresistive and piezoceramic measuring cells. In a project meeting, the feasibility of a new development is examined. In detail, the following new developments are feasible:

  • Pressure sensors according to customer specification
  • Miniaturization of existing pressure sensors
  • Post-development of discontinued pressure sensors