USB development kit TE pressure sensors by AMSYS

USB development kit TE pressure sensors

The evaluation kit for pressure sensors formerly produced by MEAS, Switzerland, consists of a USB module and a data monitoring/recording solution.


  • 10–1,100 mbar absolute pressure range
  • USB interface
  • Recording software compatible with Windows XP/VISTA
  • Flash software upgrades via USB

The software provided allows fast data monitoring and data storage of the atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature on your PC at speeds of up to 25 times per second.

In the standard demo version this comprises a USB flash drive with an integrated MS5540-C sensor or, in the special developer version, of a USB flash drive with a plug-in connector for the evaluation of further products. The demo evaluation kit is a simple and inexpensive testing and measurement setup which permits fast evaluation of the MS5540 pressure sensor. The development kit is aimed at design engineers who wish to evaluate different TE products (formerly MEAS Switzerland) as quickly as possible.

Technical data: USB development kit datasheet

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