absolute pressure sensor MS5540 by AMSYS

Absolute pressure sensor MS5540

Block diagram absolute pressure sensor MS5540 by AMSYS

Block diagram MS5540

The MS5540C pressure measurement miniature module consists of a SMD-hybrid device including a piezoresistive pressure cell and an ADC-Interface IC. It provides 16 Bit data words from a pressure- and temperature-dependent voltage. Additionally the module contains 6 readable coefficients for a highly accurate software calibration for the pressure and temperature measurement. The MS5540C is a low-power, low-voltage device with automatic power down (ON/OFF) switching. A 3-wire interface is used to communicate with a microcontroller.

The devices have a very low standby-current. The optimal compromise about refresh rate and average current consumption can individually be defined by the application software.

MS5540-CM: protected by a metal ring filled with silicon gel on a ceramic hybrid 6.2×6.4qmm
Pressure range: 10…1100mbar (0.15 … 16 PSI) abs.; operating temperature: -40 … +85°C
The MS5540-C is fully software compatible to previous version MS5540-B.

Accessories for the MS5540

Also available are sample boards, which can be used together with the USB Development Kit to quickly evaluate the sensors and build prototypes, as well as light and dust protection caps.

*Modules are pressure sensors, whose output signals have to be calculated by an external microprocessor


  • Pressure range: 10 – 1100 mbar, absolut
  • Temperature range: -40 ° bis +85 °C
  • Resolution pressure: 0.1 mbar
  • Resolution temperature: 0.01 °C
  • Supply voltage: typ. 3 V
  • Current consumption: 5 μA (Standby: max. 0.1 μA)
  • Digital 3 wire interface (16 bit)
  • Automatic power-down operation
  • Media resistant
  • Reflow capability
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Mobile altimeters and barometric measuring systems
  • Sports watches
  • Weather monitoring stations
  • GPS receivers
  • Air traffic control
  • Performance measurement in sports equipment

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