AMS 5812 pressure sensor with analog and digital output by AMSYS

AMS 5812 pressure sensor with analog and digital output

Block diagram AMS 5812 pressure sensor by AMSYS

Block diagram AMS 5812

The AMS 5812 series of OEM sensors are fully signal conditioned, amplified, temperature compensated sensor in a dual in-line package (DIP) configuration with a 0,5 -4,5V/2,5 ±2V analog output und an I²C- interface.

The AMS 5812 are calibrated and compensated in the temperature range of -25 – 85°C. High precision, high stability and low drift are the result of a combination between the MEMS technology and a microelectronics signal conditioning ASIC.

The AMS 5812 series pressure sensors are based on a highly stable, piezoresistive pressure sensor chips mounted on a ceramic substrate. The electronically programmable ASIC is contained in the same package to provide calibration and temperature compensation. The AMS 5812 is a successor to the SM5852 with a more modern ASIC and fully compatible to its predecessor.

Combining the sensor and the signal conditioning circuitry in a single package simplifies the use of advanced silicon micro machined pressure sensors. The pressure sensor 0.6×0.6 inch² can be directly mounted to a standard printed circuit board and no additional components are required for obtaining an amplified high level, calibrated pressure measurement.

AMS 5812, for ultra low pressure, differential or bidirectional differential:
0 – 0.075; 0 – 0.15 PSI or ±0.075; ±0.15 PSI

AMS 5812, for low pressure, differential or bidirectional differential:
0 – 0.3; 0-0,4; 0-0.8 and 0 -1.5 PSI or ±0.3; ±0.4; ±0.8; ±1.5 PSI

AMS 5812, for standard pressure, differential or bidirectional differential, gage:
0 – 3; 0 – 5; 0 – 15; 0 – 30; 0 – 60 and 0 – 100 PSI or ±3; ±5; ±15 PSI

AMS 5812, for absolute pressure: 0 – 15 PSI and 0 -30 PSI

AMS 5812, for barometric (absolute) pressure: 11 – 17.5 PSI

The AMS 5812 can be modified for customer specifications.

USB-Starter Kit as accessory available for easy installation of the digital output (I²C bus) via USB-interface of a PC, also for programming an individual I²C bus address.


  • Relative, absolute und differential pressure ranges 0.075 psi to 30 psi
  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +85 °C
  • 5 V power supply
  • Analog output and I²C bus interface
  • Temperature output via I²C bus
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • High precision
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Product made in Germany


  • Respiratory control apparatus
  • Medical measurement
  • Gas flows, back pressure measurements
  • Heating / Vacuum / Ventilation / Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Barometric measurements
  • Security applications
  • Pneumatic applications

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