AMS 6915 digital miniature pressure sensor by AMSYS

AMS 6915 digital miniature pressure sensor

AMS 6915 series by AMSYS

AMS 6915 series for different pressure types

Electrical connection of the AMS 6915 by AMSYS

Electrical connection of the  AMS 6915

AMS 6915 pressure sensors are a series of high-precision OEM sensors* with a digital I²C-interface with multiple pressure ranges from 0-2.5 mbar to 0-1200 mbar and customizable pressure ports.

AMS 6915 are calibrated and compensated for across a wide temperature range of -25 to +85°C. These pressure sensors come as a dual in-line package (DIP) for assembly on printed circuit boards (PCBs) 13 x 10 mm² and are fully operational without the need for any additional components. The electrical connection is made via the DIP solder pins; pressure is connected via two vertical metal tubes.
The AMS 6915 combine a micromachined, high quality piezoresistive measuring cell with a modern, digital signal conditioning mixed-signal CMOS-ASIC on a ceramic substrate.

Types of pressure and ranges for the AMS 6915

AMS 6915, for ultra low pressure, differential or bidirectional differential: 0 – 5; 0 – 10mbar or ±2,5; ±5; ±10 mbar

AMS 6915, for low pressure, differential, relative or bidirectional differential: 0 – 25; 0 – 50; 0 – 100mbar or ±25; ±50; ±100 mbar

AMS 6915, for standard pressure, differential, relative or bidirectional differential: 0 – 200; 0 – 350 mbar; 0 – 1 bar; ±200; ±350; ±1000 mbar

AMS 6915, for absolute / barometric pressure: 0 – 1000; 0 – 1200 mbar

Special needs, f.ex. with medical applications, claim customized sensors. The AMS 6915 meets these expectations and can be modified on customer demand according to several selected criteria. Another variant of this OEM sensor family is the AMS 6916 with analog 0.5 … 4.5V output.

USB-Starter Kit as accessory available for easy installation of the digital output (I²C bus) via USB-interface of a PC, also for programming an individual I²C bus address.


  • Relative, absolute und differential, bidirectional differential pressure ranges 2.5 mbar to 1.2 bar
  • Temperature range: -25°C – 85°C
  • Pressure and temperature output via I²C bus
  • 3.3 or 5.0V power supply
  • High accuracy
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Replacement product for the Honeywell HSC
  • Product made in Germany


  • Respiratory control
  • Medical measurement technology
  • Gas flows, back pressure measurements
  • Heating / Vacuum / Ventilation / Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Barometric measurements
  • Level sensing

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