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News / New products

The BAP sensor has arrived!

The new SM11X1 series for barometric pressure is available as an analog or digital I2C/SPI sensor. These sensors in an SOIC8 package are suitable for automated SMD assembly. The SOIC pressure sensors are autonomous and do not require any additional circuitry. They cater for pressure ranges of between 150 and 1,800 mbar and have a supply voltage of 3.3 or 5 V.

Absolute pressure sensors SM11X1

Low pressure sensor SM9235 for differential and relative pressure

These differential pressure sensors for extremely low pressures of up to 3 mbar are used in medical technology and filter control.

OEM pressure sensor SM9235 has a digital I2C output signal and an optional 3.3-V or 5-V supply. The AMSYS sensor is calibrated and compensated for and its accuracy can be increased by offset calibration.

Low pressure sensor SM9235: 3 mbar

Panasonic DPH-100 – external pressure sensor for hard-to-access areas

When measuring pressure, it’s not only important to have the right pressure sensor to hand; sometimes there are also difficult problems to be overcome. One example is where the controller cannot be directly installed at the point of measurement. Here, a combination of DPC-100 (controller) and an external pressure sensor in the DPH-100 series provides an interesting miniaturized solution. The controller has an easy-to-operate display and the pressure sensors can measure relative pressures of between -1 and 10 bar.

SOIC pressure sensors with digital and analog output signal

These differential pressure sensors cover a pressure range from 20 mbar to 1 bar.

Overview of SOIC sensors

The OEM pressure sensor SM7491, for example, covers a pressure range of -0.20 to 0.20 mbar in its bidirectional design and is available with a digital I2C output signal and an analog 0.5 – 4.5 V voltage signal:

SM7X91: 20 mbar
SM6X91: 55 mbar
SM5X91: 170 mbar
SM1X91: 1 bar

Innovative sensor technology

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company based in Germany and has been focusing on sensor technology since its founding.

The range of AMSYS pressure sensors extends from wafer level silicon sensors to simple SMD-mountable sensors and compensated dual-in-line sensors to packaged, ready-to-use pressure transmitters.

In addition to pressure sensors and inclinometers, AMSYS offers miniaturized OEM sensors for humidity and temperature measurement.


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