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SOIC pressure sensors with digital and analog output signal

These differential pressure sensors cover a pressure range from 20 mbar to 1 bar.

Overview of SOIC sensors

The OEM pressure sensor SM7491, for example, covers a pressure range of -0.20 to 0.20 mbar in its bidirectional design and is available with a digital I2C output signal and an analog 0.5 – 4.5 V voltage signal:

SM7X91: 20 mbar
SM6X91: 55 mbar
SM5X91: 170 mbar
SM1X91: 1 bar

Low pressure sensor SM9336 in SOIC housing

With the SM9336, AMSYS presents a small digital (I²C) pressure and temperature sensor with impressive performance features in the lowest pressure range of ± 2.5 mbar.
The pressure sensors are individually linearized, calibrated and temperature compensated and do not require any additional switch. The OEM sensors * are suitable for automatic SMD assembly (JEDEC J-STD.-020D.1) and can be mounted on standard PCBs using the reflow process.

Barometric pressure sensor altimeter

Air pressure decreases from point zero (= sea level, at 1013 mbar) with increasing altitude. Atmospheric pressure changes, at constant temperature, with approximately 1 mbar / 8 m. But it’s trickier than that. You can find more on this topic in our description “Precise altitude measurement with a pressure sensor module“.

For a quick result, you can use the link of the smart Andreae high school students.

Connect pressure sensor quickly and read out with starter kit

AMSYS offers a USB multifunction interface. It allows the pressure sensor to be plugged onto a board and connected to the computer. This starter kit AMS 6915 can be used to check the functionality of the pressure sensor, to read out and store the measured data and to reprogram the BUS address of the pressure sensor independently.

Innovative sensor technology

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company based in Germany and has been focusing on sensor technology since its founding.

The range of AMSYS pressure sensors extends from wafer level silicon sensors to simple SMD-mountable sensors and compensated dual-in-line sensors to packaged, ready-to-use pressure transmitters.

In addition to pressure sensors and inclinometers, AMSYS offers miniaturized OEM sensors for humidity and temperature measurement.


We are a member of the AMA – Association for Sensor Technology

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