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Low pressure sensor SM9336 in SOIC housing

AMSYS presents the SM9336, a small digital (I²C) pressure and temperature sensor with impressive performance features in the lowest pressure range of ± 2.5 mbar.
The pressure sensors are individually linearized, calibrated and temperature compensated and require no additional circuitry. The OEM sensors* are suitable for automatic SMD mounting (JEDEC J-STD.-020D.1) and can be reflowed onto standard PCBs.

Pressure sensors in medicine for respiratory support

AMSYS Med. Engineering

Sleep apnea is a common disease that affects many people around the world. The remedy is a device known as CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). These include sensors that guarantee controlled breathing support with defined airflow, air temperature and humidity.
This article explains how the pressure sensors work.

Innovative sensor technology

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company based in Germany and has been focusing on sensor technology since its founding.

The range of AMSYS pressure sensors extends from wafer level silicon sensors to simple SMD-mountable sensors and compensated dual-in-line sensors to packaged, ready-to-use pressure transmitters.

In addition to pressure sensors and inclinometers, AMSYS offers miniaturized OEM sensors for humidity and temperature measurement.


We are a member of the AMA – Association for Sensor Technology

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