AMS 3516 – pressure transmitter with a 5-V output and wireless Bluetooth 4.2 signal AMSYS

AMS 3516 – pressure transmitter with a 5-V output and wireless Bluetooth 4.2 signal

The miniaturized sensors in the AMS 3516 series are high-precision, ready-to-use transmitters* which are suitable for measuring absolute, relative and differential pressure. They have a wired analog output signal and wireless signal transmission, thus providing a pressure signal which can be read out via Bluetooth without battery operation. The pressure transmitters come in several different versions for a wide pressure range of 25 mbar to 10 bar.

The offset and span are electronically calibrated and the temperature-related offset and span drift compensated for during manufacture, so that no subsequent calibration by the user is required. A 0–5-V signal is provided as an output and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 with a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz for monitoring communication with a mobile device. The sensors can be read out and configured using the AMS 3516 Android app (provided free of charge by AMSYS).

Thanks to Underside pressurization* the pressure transmitters are media resistant on one side and can withstand a high system pressure* of up to 16 bar. The sensors are supplied in a metal housing with a plastic cover for quick screw mounting and a number of industrial connection nodes with or without a connecting cable.

Variants of AMS 3516

AMS 3516 low pressure ranges, differential/relative and bidirectional differential:
0–50 and 0–100 mbar; ±25, ±50 and ±100 mbar

AMS 3516 standard pressure ranges, differential/relative and bidirectional differential:
0–200, 0–350 and 0–500 mbar; 0–1.0, 0–2.0, 0–4.0, 0–7.0 and 0–10.0 bar; ±200, ±350 and ±1,000 mbar

AMS 3516 standard pressure ranges, absolute:
0–1,000 and 0–2,000 mbar

AMS 3516 barometric pressure range (absolute):
700–1,200 mbar

Please note: The AMS 3516 is calibrated to customer specifications.

Further variants in the transmitter family include the wired AMS 3011 with a 5-V output, the AMS 3010 with a 10-V output, the AMS 3012 with an interference-resistant 4–20 mA output and the wired AMS 4711 with a 5-V output in a compact plastic package (IP67).


  • Relative, absolute and differential pressure ranges of 25 mbar to 10 bar
  • System pressure of up to 16 bar
  • Compensation range: -25–85°C
  • Supply voltage: 8 to 36 V
  • 0–5-V output signal
  • Bluetooth 4.2 signal transmission
  • Underside pressurization
  • High resolution
  • Low total error band
  • Maintenance free and suitable for industrial use
  • Very easy mounting
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Product made in Germany


Wired and wireless signal transmission:

  • Barometric measurements
  • Industrial filter/ventilator monitors
  • Pneumatic monitors
  • Vacuum monitors
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system monitors
  • Level sensing

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