MS5637 miniaturized digital OEM absolute pressure sensor by AMSYS

MS5637 miniaturized digital OEM absolute pressure sensor

The MS5637 is a digital OEM sensor* that measures absolute pressure and ambient temperature with high resolution. The sensor is compensated and outputs the measured values as digital output signals via an I²C interface.

The reflowable sensor MS5637-02BA03 is designed for the pressure range of 10 – 2000 mbar, but optimized for the pressure range 300 – 1200 mbar. The newer version of the MS5637-30BA is designed for the range 0-30 bar and optimized for the range 0.3 – 14 bar. In addition to the pressure, the sensors measure the temperature from -40 to 85 ° C.

The MS5637 pressure sensors consist of a piezoresistive pressure cell and an amplifier A/D-interface-IC, housed in a QFN package (3.0 x 3.0 x 0.9 mm³). The sensor converts the measured pressure- and temperature-dependent signal of the measuring cell into a 16-bit data word. In addition, 6 individual coefficients are stored in the sensor, which allow the highly accurate software correction for the pressure and temperature measurement by an external microprocessor. The I²C interface is used for serial communication with the microprocessor.

The sensors are intended for applications with a digital system environment. Since there is already a processor at system level, this can be used to easily calculate the current pressure and temperature values.

Variants of the MS5637

  • MS5637-02BA03: Pressure range 10 – 2000 mbar
  • MS5637-30BA: Pressure range 0 – 30 bar

Accessory for the MS5637

Also available are sample boards that can be used with the USB Development Kit for rapid evaluation of the sensors and for the construction of prototypes or sensors already used on a circuit board in the form of the PMS5637.


  • Pressure range 0.01 – 2 bar and 30 bar
  • Temperature range: -40°C – 85 °C
  • Supply voltage: 1.5 – 3.6 V
  • I²C interface
  • Resolution pressure: 0.016 mbar
  • Resolution temperature: typ. <0.01 °C
  • Very low current consumption: Standby max. 0.14 μA
  • ESD protected
  • QFN housing: (3.0 x 3.0 x 0.95 mm³)
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Mobile altimeters and mobile barometric measuring systems
  • People search and navigation devices
  • Smartphones, tablet PCs
  • Weather stations
  • Sports watches
  • GPS receiver
  • Air traffic control (Variometer)
  • Pneumatics

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