AMS 4516 – pressure transmitter with a Bluetooth 4.2 signal by AMSYS

AMS 4506 – pressure transmitter with a Bluetooth 5.1 signal

gateway wireless pressure sensor AMS4506

AMSYS Gateway for wireless sensors

The miniaturized sensors in the AMS 4506 series are high-precision, ready-to-use transmitters* which are suitable for measuring barometric absolute pressure. They transmit measurement data via Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 (BLE; radio frequency of 2.4 GHz). The sensors are optimized for low power consumption and operated by a single cell battery (CR 2032). They have a free-field range of approximately 100 m. In addition, a gateway and windows desktop app for data readouts are available.

The offset and span are electronically calibrated and the temperature-related offset and span drift compensated during manufacturing, so that no subsequent calibration is required by the user. The wireless pressure transmitters are supplied in a compact, robust plastic package (IP44) for quick screw mounting and are suitable for external installation.

Variants of AMS 4506

AMS 4506 barometric pressure range (absolute):
300 – 1’200 mbar

Please note: The AMS 4506 have an extended pressure range of 10 – 2’000 mbar and the app AMS 4506 can be customized.

Other variants of the wireless transmitter family include the AMS 4516 for differential pressure measurement and the AMS 8607 BLE multi-sensor with humidity measurement. The AMS 4711 with a 5 V output is available as a wired version.


  • Barometric pressure 300 – 1’200 mbar (10 – 2’000 mbar)
  • Operating range: 0–85°C
  • Battery operation (CF 2032)
  • Supply voltage: 1.7 to 3.6 V
  • Bluetooth LE 5.1 signal transmission
  • High resolution
  • Maintenance free and suitable for industrial use
  • Very easy mounting
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Product made in Germany


Monitoring in places which are difficult to access or permanently moving for:

  • Barometric measurements
  • Vacuum monitors
  • Weather stations

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