LME – 25 pascal digital analog sensor with amplified output

LME - digital analog sensor with amplified output The LME differential low pressure sensors are based on thermal flow measurement of gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the sensor chip. The innovative LME technology features superior sensitivity especially for ultra low pressures. The extremely low gas flow through the sensor ensures [...]

LMI – 25 pascal digital low pressure sensor with amplified output

LMI - digital low pressure sensor with amplified output The digital LMI differential pressure sensors with I²C bus and 3 V supply are based on thermal micro-flow measurement within the silicon sensor chip and offer measuring ranges from 25 Pa (0.1 inH2O) Full Scale. Due to their excellent sensitivity, accuracy, offset long [...]

ME800 – ceramic wet-wet differential pressure sensor

Ceramic wet-wet pressure sensor ME800 The ME800 is a very robust differential OEM sensor* for wet-wet applications. The membrane can flex in both directions, thus being deformed by the combination of the two pressure values. The ME820 differential sensor is a so-called wet-wet sensor as it allows having liquids on both sides of [...]

AMS 2711 – analog pressure sensor module with 5 V-voltage output

AMS 2711 - pressure module with voltage output 5 V Electrical connection AMS 2710 (also applies to the AMS 2711) The AMS 2711 sensor is a customer specific pressure sensor for those you do not want the ready-to-use housed AMS 4711 pressure transmitters*  or the AMS 5812 to be soldered. AMS 2711 is [...]

AMS 3010 – pressure transducer 10 V in metal housing

AMS 3010 - pressure transmitter with 10 V voltage output in metal housing Electrical connection of AMS 3010 The sensor AMS 3010 is a customer specific ready-to-use series of robust analog pressure transducers* in a matchbox-sized metal package (IP67). This series can stand system pressure up to 16 bar and is available for [...]

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