1620 – Biocompatible single-use pressure sensor

1620 - Inexpensive blood pressure sensor for single use The 1620 is a calibrated relative pressure sensor for the clinically relevant pressure range of -50 to 300 mmHg. A biocompatible gel protects the pressure cell from the medium to be measured.For hygienic reasons, the sensor is designed as an easily replaceable disposable product. [...]

AMS 3010 – pressure transducer 10 V in metal housing

AMS 3010 - pressure transmitter with 10 V voltage output in metal housing Electrical connection of AMS 3010 The sensor AMS 3010 is a customer specific ready-to-use series of robust analog pressure transducers* in a matchbox-sized metal package (IP67). This series can stand system pressure up to 16 bar and is available for [...]

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