MS5547 – Small gel-protected gage pressure sensor

MS5547 Relative pressure sensor with gel protection The MS5547 are digital OEM sensors that measure the relative pressure with 24bit resolution. This new generation of high-resolution gauge pressure sensors features a SPI or I²C bus interface. The reflowable sensors are designed for the pressure range of -200 – 2200 mbar and are [...]

ME910 – Miniature ceramic pressure cell with only 9mm diameter

Miniatur ceramic pressure cell ME910 Front and back view ME910 monolithic pressure cells for gauge pressures up to 100 bar, work following the piezoresistive principle. This sensing element is made of Ceramic Alumina Al2O. This material is naturally mechanically resilient and has an excellent chemical resistance, suitable for harsh environments.The measuring cell has [...]

MS5849 – Chlorine resistant absolute pressure sensor for 2, 7 and 30 bar

MS5849 absolute pressure sensor The MS5849 is a digital OEM sensor* that measures the absolute pressure* with high 24bit resolution. It is compensated and provides the measured values as digital output signals via an I²C or SPI interface. The reflowable sensors are designed for the pressure ranges of 0.2 - 2 bar, [...]

AMS 5935 – low energy pressure sensor 125-Pascal

AMS 5935 pressure sensor with I2C / SPI output AMS 5935 in different variants The digital 18 bit board-mount pressure sensors in the AMS 5935 series are designed for high precision measurements in low and ultra-low pressure ranges of +/- 125 Pascal. They combine very high measurement accuracy with extremely low [...]

P.Touch – Pressure Switch with Touchscreen and IO-link

P.Touch - mediaresistant pressure switch up to 600 bar with touchscreen and IO-Link P.Touch are pressure switches for fluids and gases under pressures up to 600 bar. The transmitters, which can be operated intuitively via touchscreen, offer two independently adjustable electrical switching outputs, both of which can be loaded up to 200 [...]

ME800 – ceramic wet-wet differential pressure sensor

Ceramic wet-wet pressure sensor ME800 The ME800 is a very robust differential OEM sensor* for wet-wet applications. The membrane can flex in both directions, thus being deformed by the combination of the two pressure values. The ME820 differential sensor is a so-called wet-wet sensor as it allows having liquids on both sides of [...]

IntraSense – In-vivo Pressure Sensor for Medical Catheters

IntraSense in-vivo pressure sensor IntraSense size comparison IntraSense evaluation kit The IntraSense is an extremely small in-vivo pressure sensor for integration in catheters with only 1 French diameter. A highly flexible, fully protected cable is already connected to the sensor with dimensions of only 750 μm × 220 μm × 75 μm in [...]

AMS 6916 – analog pressure sensor with ratiometric output

AMS 6916 analog miniature pressure sensor AMS 6916 series for various pressure types AMS 6916 pressure sensors are a series of high-precision OEM sensors* with analog output, multiple pressure ranges from 0-5 mbar to 0-1200 mbar and customizable pressure ports. AMS 6916 are calibrated and compensated for across a wide temperature range of [...]

AMS 5915 – digital pressure sensor 2,5 mbar – 16 bar

AMS 5915 pressure sensor with digital output AMS 5915 differential pressure sensor without tubes for pressure connection Block diagram AMS 5915 AMS 5915 pressure sensors are a series of high-precision OEM sensors* with a digital I²C-interface with multiple pressure ranges from 0-2,5 mbar to 0-16 bar and customizable pressure ports. AMS [...]

MS5803 – series digital absolute pressure sensors up to 1 / 2 / 5 / 14 / 30 bar

Absolute pressure sensor MS5803 The MS5803-xxBA is a new generation of high resolution sensors with SPI & I²C interface. The sensor module includes a high linearity pressure sensor with an ultra low power 24 bit ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It provides precise digital 24 bit pressure and temperature values and different operation modes that allow [...]

MS5535 – digital absolute pressure sensor 14-30 bar

absolute pressure sensor MS5535 The MS5535 pressure measurement module consists of a SMD-hybrid device including a piezoresistive pressure cell and an ADC-Interface IC. It provides 16 Bit data words from a pressure- and temperature-dependent voltage. This sensor is obsolet and should not be considered for new designs. Additionally the module contains 6 readable [...]

AMS 5105 – pressure sensor with switching output

AMS 5105 pressure sensor with voltage output and switching outputs, shown as absolute pressure version Block diagram AMS 5105 The AMS 5105 series of OEM sensors are fully signal conditioned, amplified, temperature compensated sensors in a dual in-line package (DIP) configuration with a 0,5 -4,5 V /2,5±2V analog output und and two independent, [...]

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